Ways To Play


ways to play everywhere in life


  • Grounded. Glitter. Real. Magic. Messy. Clear. I can’t pin any one word on Anna. She is so much bigger than any concept or brand because of what she stands for: YOU living your most favorite life.

    - Alexandra Zambrano, Chemical Engineer, ExxonMobil

  • Anna K is an energizing, captivating speaker that shares easy-to implement tools to bring play into the everyday. The office is still a buzz about her almost a month later. We cannot wait to have her back!

    -James Ward, Director of Career Development Keller Williams Realty

  • Anna did the most valuable thing that no one else in my life was doing: she called BS on my story, and straight-up re-clarified what I should really be doing based off my own words. I was taken aback at first, but the second feeling was liberation.

    - Joyce Yu, Founder, Visually Outspoken

  • Anna K. Morris lights up the room with her sparkle! She has a playful approach that engages people as she speaks. Her ability to authentically connect with the audience in a way that is fun and thought provoking is a gift to the world.

    -Terra Bohlmann, Business Strategist @ TerraBohlmann.com + Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork (Houston Chapter)

Why Playing Matters

Something happens as we get older…we play a little bit less. Each year, we experience less of the freedom that we experienced as a child.

That child who wouldn’t stop playing on the playground, wanted to be a scuba diving snake charmer, and wasn’t afraid to jump off the high dive, got a little bit quieter. It’s as though we secretly said, “If you’re going to make it in life, you better settle down and get serious. Work hard and do what’s right. Don’t act weird. Play it cool.”

And we did. Each year, we played less. We did what we were “supposed” to do.
Get a job, work hard, settle down, and save your money.


We became fed up with being serious and grown up; and really bored with “playing it safe.” But rather than doing something about it, we were complaining to friends who felt the same way. Yuck! That’s why we created We Play Everywhere. We created it because we saw that we weren’t playing anywhere in life…much less everywhere. And we were fed up!


Wanna Play With Anna?