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About AnnaMy name is Anna, and it rhymes with Banana. I used to hate that nickname (tragic pre-school teasing) and wouldn’t eat bananas in public until I was 25.  I’m proud to report that I have overcome that fear and now proudly tell anyone I meet that my name is Anna Banana.  It makes me laugh, and usually other people (especially the baristas at Starbucks).

Here’s what you need to know: 

I play everywhere in my life, but I’m not naturally playful.  The playful spirit I have now, I learned.


In fact, I used to “play” with my younger sister by giving her homework.  Sorry sis, 2nd grade should not have been that hard!  The playful spirit that I have now, has been learned.  It didn’t come naturally, and anyone can do it….with a little help.

For 12 years I was a busy corporate professional living in New York City, and had everything I said I wanted.  One small problem….I wasn’t happy or fulfilled.  And worse yet, I didn’t have a clue what would make me happy or fulfilled.

I was unhappy and unfulfilled


I was burnt out, unfulfilled, tired, exhausted and tired.  I spent my days working, and my nights happy-houring with friends or watching bad reality TV.  It looked fun, and people said I had a great life, but deep down it felt really empty.

Thankfully I got tired enough to take action.   I ventured into the “self help” world despite swearing I never would.  In fact, I used to be someone who had a therapist, and pretended I didn’t.  I hated yoga, and laughed at meditation.  It was bad y’all (yes I live in Texas and I’m still slow to admit that I’m a yoga and meditation teacher now).

One personal development course, led me to a yoga class, which led me to a wisdom circle, and then to a chanting retreat, to a shaman and everything in between. 

I started to ask new questions like,…what makes ME happy?


What am I DOING when time slips away (drinking and shopping were no longer answers I was looking for)?  And how can I do more of that in my life?

I started doing things that made me happy.  I stopped caring what other people thought about it, and I made new friends who liked saying “yes” more than they liked saying “no.”  There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t try at least twice (gotta leave room for bad first impressions, right?). 

Over a lot of time, trial and error…the stuff I didn’t like became fun, i.e. budgeting, compromising, karaoke, and taking out the garbage.  I learned that I could make anything fun if I knew what fun was to me, and how to apply that knowledge in unlikely circumstances.  Can you believe that my most playful area of life is budgeting??  OMG, so fun…but I’ll save that for later.

And that’s why we are here.  It’s taken me a lot of time and money to learn how to play everywhere in my life, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned. 


I like to learn things as quickly and efficiently as possible, and I imagine you do too. 

In fact, I learned to ride a bike in 1 day without training wheels.  I told my mother that training wheels were for “babies”…I was 4.  And I learned, fast.  

I didn’t have time to miss out on playing with my friends and you don’t either.


So I won’t be wasting your time with stuff that doesn’t matter, I promise.  The work works…if you let it.

My promise is that you get what you need to live your most playful life, and you meet people along the way that inspire and empower you…oh and make you laugh so hard you pee (just a little bit).


Want to know more?  I thought you might. :)


Here are a few random things about me that you might find fun:

faves final


Snicklefritz – term for someone I love, but alas I cannot recall his/her name.

“Today is my favorite day” – what I say everyday…and it’s true.

Dupee – a dimple in the chin, created circa 1987 with my best friend.

Make Me Laugh – favorite childhood game, it only involved making the other team laugh at any cost…very easy to play anywhere with nothing.

Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation – the album that started all childhood dance routines.

Flashdance– favorite childhood movie that was wildly inappropriate for a 6 year old to watch…also explaining why I dance like a stripper naturally (sorry Mom & Dad).

Mermaid – what I really wanted to be when I grew up (and still do).

Fierce – what I channel when technology scares me…or ladders.


To be a little more official, here’s my professional bio too. 


Anna headshotAnna K. Morris is the creator and Chief of Sparkle at We Play Everywhere, a company whose mission is to help people play everywhere in life, especially busy, “serious” grown ups. 

She uses her background as a corporate professional, wellness consultant, and yoga teacher to create online content, community, and events that delight, transcend, and inspire people into action. Her events will have you playing like a kid again, and her coaching will impact every part of your life. 

When she’s not playing at work, you can find her playing with Derek, her husband, and Barney, their rescue dog.  They inspire her to play everywhere in life!


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