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It’s Easy!

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It’s Easy.

For real.

It really can be easy.

Huh? Do I actually mean that everything can be easy? Yup, that’s exactly what I mean. If it’s hard, then you are probably the one making it hard.

This is exactly what I would say to a friend, coach to a client, share with a stranger in line at Starbucks…but I haven’t been taking my own advice.

From the beginning, We Play Everywhere, has felt off. Nothing awful, just one of those “can’t put my finger on it, something doesn’t quite feel right, I think I need a different size” off.

But it wasn’t worth breaking up over. Know what I mean?

I can remember the very beginning when I was trying to name this idea, this thing that kept showing up and screamed at me all the time, “I wanna play! With everyone! Everywhere!”.

We Play Everywhere fully expressed ME and how I wanted to live MY life and help other people live their lives. But because I have always been a connector and loved creating communities… when I met with professionals to discuss my idea, they said it sounded like a membership community.

So I went with it. After all, I was talking to some of the best and smartest people in the start-up world so I figured they would know more than me.

A membership community, cool.

Here’s the thing, it’s always felt kinda hard. It felt a little like pushing a boulder…up a hill…alone. There were moments when friends would come along and help, we got pretty far and it was much easier…but then there were times when I was all alone with no movement…just trying to hold it together and not get demolished.

Which leads me to this post.

 It doesn’t have to be that hard. And where are you making it hard?

(Start listening for yourself in my story please)

My sweet husband, Derek, says, “You can’t see the forest through the trees.”

Man, was he right. I’ve been way to close to We Play Everywhere and totally in my own way.

What I hadn’t been able to see is that the actual business is, ME.

It’s not a paid membership of people wanting to play more in life (although it was for 14 months and that was fun), it’s me, Anna K. Morris, leading the way….playing through life and helping others to do the same.

I wrote a post last week entitled, “It ain’t what they call you; it’s what you answer to.”

I can see that I’ve been answering to…“I’m not enough AND business is hard.”

And it has been.

Because I’m not enough, I’ve had to create a business other than Anna K. Morris, and it’s felt like hard work. I came up with a clever name, We Play Everywhere, and insisted that it was a membership community so it wouldn’t be me alone….because remember? “I’m not enough AND business is hard.”

We did everything from pop-up yoga DJ happy hours, to grown up recess, to weekly play dates, to collaborating with local businesses, to working with national businesses, to doing our own events, to scheduled coaching videos, to impromptu coaching videos, to expert interviews, to hiring business coaches, to taking out a loan, to writing new business plans….you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

And you know what? None of it felt great because it was built on my foundation and belief system that said, “I’m not enough AND business is hard.”

This begs the questions, where do things feel easy?

I’ll answer, but I want you to start thinking in your own life too.

This stuff feels EASY, like I could do it in my sleep:

  1. Telling people the truth so they stop telling their ridiculous stories and get on with living their most authentic, lit-up life. This is what “We Play Everywhere” really means. Some people call it coaching, I call it Straight Talk. It must be a gene I got it from my grandmother, Helen Georgia, who was the best at it.
  2. Speaking in front of large audiences. Getting them engaged and taking new actions in life. Having them consider a new perspective and engaging with their peers in new, authentic ways
  3. Writing! I love it. Every piece of it. Even when no words are flowing, and all I see is a blank screen. I love figuring out a way to make the words flow. And I especially love editing. Mmmmmm-hhhmmmmmm. Yes.
  4. Yoga. Teaching it, taking it, talking about it. I’m not so interested in the history of it, but the practicality and everyday-ness of it.
  5. Meditation. Doing it, guiding it, creating it in unexpected ways for people who don’t think it makes any difference. I like proving them wrong. And mostly I LOVE the benefits of meditation.
  6. Creating workshops or play dates for communities. I’ve created a lot of them from scratch, and I realize that my favorite events were for communities that already existed and wanted me to come in and shake things up. I’m excellent at shaking things up.

My dear friend Liz Dederer says this, “Money is evidence.”

Well then, let’s talk money. I’ve made the most money through private coaching, and memberships for my monthly events.

That’s the truth, in black and white numbers.

 What about you? Where have you made the most money?

When I made the most money of my life was my first couple of years in pharmaceutical sales. I “got” the MD’s who are “un-gettable,” the ones who wouldn’t see reps at all and banned us from their offices. They were my specialty. I loved the challenge. I didn’t have the best drug on the market (they were all good), but I was the most positive and consistent rep around. I listened AND I cared. I listened to their concerns, stories, problems, and I told them the truth.

I told them that their staff was terribly rude to patients and they would go out of business running things that way. I told them that spending more time with patients would go a lot further than ordering more tests. I told them they should retire/quit because they were working themselves down into the ground. You see, I didn’t care what they thought of me; I cared more that they knew the truth. No one is too important to hear when something isn’t working. And a lot of us don’t straight talk people, especially not very successful doctors in Manhattan.

That’s why I made a bunch of money.

I was in my sweet spot.

Do you know your sweet spot? Where time slips away? Write it down.

 Let’s wrap this blog up. Last, but absolutely not least…the thing I’ve been dying to share with all of you (but a little nervous to make it official).

I’m launching myself as a brand in the upcoming weeks! A new website is being developed right now under my name, Anna K. Morris.

I will continue to own and operate We Play Everywhere, as it embodies my mission for my life and everyone around me.

You will be able to book me for Straight Talk sessions, private workshops and public speaking gigs. All details will be on the new website.


I’m launching Straight Talk with Anna K. next Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 17th and 18th. Sessions are $88 for 30 minutes. A quick questionnaire allows me to know your topic, your question(s) and any pertinent background information. I get in, and I get out. You get on with your life more alive and free!


 Anyone who works with me will have the opportunity to join the private Facebook community for support and connection with other like-minded people.   Easy peezy.

I’m committed to living a life of ease.  I bet you like the sound of that, don’t you?

Let’s have life be easy.  If you’re inspired to share, please do in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more easy updates, and as always thank for reading.


Keep Playing,

Anna (Banana)






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