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I’m not going to Soul Cycle…and you shouldn’t either.

Read to find out why…it may surprise you.

Quick disclaimer: This blog (and I hope it becomes an article somewhere) is about WAY MORE than a spin studio. It’s about supporting local businesses, taking pride in where YOU live and how YOU spend your energy (and your hard-earned money and time are your energy). And it’s about supporting damn hard-working, kick-ass people.   There is the saying, “What goes around comes around.” You never know when you’re gonna have your ass on the line and need people to go to bat for you. Read on. Here’s me, putting my ass on the line for something I believe in.

I’m nervous writing this. But not nervous in the “I’m nervous because I’m afraid I’m going to fuck up and look bad” way. I’m nervous in the “I’m fired up and have a lot to say, and my fingers aren’t typing fast enough” way. You know the difference.


Soul Cycle is coming to Houston.

Across the street from my friend’s, Kim & Mitch Syma’s, indoor cycling studio.




I literally mean across the street. Like you can look out the window of either location and see the other one.

That’s fine. The location isn’t the part that fires me up; it only makes for a slightly more dramatic story. What really fires me up is that large franchises come in to cities all the time, and small businesses suffer.

That’s why I’m lit up and writing to you.

Here’s the story as I know it (I apologize if I’m slightly off on the story Kim and Mitch, but I know I’m pretty close).

Years ago on an island far far away called Man-hat-tan, there was a girl who wasn’t very happy….and she was cold (it was winter)….and she had gained some weight (approximately 25 lbs)….and her boyfriend hadn’t proposed, he’d dumped her instead….so she had to find a new apartment.

Life was not good for her.

She went to an indoor cycling studio one day. And then a yoga class. And then a dance class.

Everything in her world changed.

She cried, she laughed, she sweated, she danced. She thought she couldn’t make it, but she did. And she went to class everyday.

Soon she wasn’t so sad. She lost the weight, and started laughing again. She found a passion inside of her that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

She wanted more. In a big way.

You see…this girl doesn’t do anything small.

Most people would be satisfied becoming a spin instructor, or perhaps a personal trainer, or a yoga teacher.

Not Kim Syma.

She wanted to bring the things that had changed her life to her hometown…Houston.

She wanted to share.

She wanted to make a difference for people. In a big way.

So what did she do?

She went and got her MBA at the University of Texas.

Seriously. She got a damn MBA to be prepared to open REVOLUTION STUDIO.

And when her professor said to her face in class, “You are never going to succeed at opening an indoor cycling studio. There is no way it can work.” She said, “Bless your heart.”


And did it anyway.


Oh, I forgot to mention…she picked up an extraordinary man along the way who became her husband, Mitch Syma. Mitch was of course attracted to her (she’s gorgeous), but more conveniently he was very interested in her business plan to open REVOLUTION. He was so interested that after they started dating, he went to visit NYC and take all the classes she loved.

I’d like to add that Mitch had recently landed his dream job in Marketing for Minute Maid. He had finally “made it” when he experienced all the classes that had changed Kim’s life (and many more).

He walked out of those classes and told Kim, “You don’t have to do this alone. I’m in.”





Let’s fast forward….

It’s a little more than three years later, and they have three locations. They have added yoga to all locations because they saw that it was missing for their members (or riders as they are called).

Now I don’t know what I’m supposed to share or not because I didn’t consult with Kim or Mitch before publishing this, but I’m going to tell you a few things you should consider.

They have put everything into REVOLUTION STUDIO.

This is what I mean…they have YET to be paid from the studios.

They would like to start a family…but they haven’t yet because they are committed to the REVOLUTION riders and providing what they need. Instead they put growing their family on hold and opened a 3rd location. And then they expanded yoga into all locations. No small feat.

I have watched them work when my husband, Derek Morris, and I were begging them to come play with us.

I have seen Kim fall asleep at a restaurant because she is too exhausted to stay awake.

I have seen them office out of their home with employees working from their garage apartment at all hours of the day and weekends.

I have watched some employees and spin instructors quit after they invested huge amounts of time and money into their training…and Kim & Mitch stay friends with them and wish them well.

I have seen them fight, and I have seen them make-up.

I have seen them NEVER QUIT.




Even when it would have been WAY EASIER to quit.

So that’s why I’m not going to Soul Cycle. The company recently went public, and I heard the owners were paid $90 million each. I think that’s super awesome and totally inspiring as an entrepreneur….BUT I don’t know their names, or their stories, and they don’t know mine either.

Here’s the bottom line, we live in an incredible city full of small businesses that were born from people’s hearts to contribute to HOUSTON.

They took a chance on us.

And we won’t continue to have these options if we don’t “PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS.”

REVOLUTION STUDIO has led the spin craze in Houston, along with other AMAZING local spin studios like DEFINE, RIDE & RYDE.

I know each and every one of these owners (Henry Richardson, Taryn Woods Burt and Ashley Gooch), and they all put their asses on the line so that we could have something available to us that without them wouldn’t be possible.

The sweat, the hustle, the swagger, the community.

That badass feeling you get when you’re on a bike, but you feel like you’re at a club.

That feeling that…






They brought it to us when no one else did.

Spend your money there.

Spend your money supporting people’s dreams. Their blood, their sweat, their tears, their sacrifices, their doubts, their triumphs.

Cuz don’t you want someone to support YOU like that?

Drop the mic.

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