Alexandra Zambrano“Grounded. Glitter. Real. Magic. Messy. Clear. I can’t pin any one word on Anna. She is so much bigger than any concept or brand because of what she stands for: YOU living your most favorite life. It’s really about You with Anna. Not the you that worries about what people think or what you should be doing and all the rest. The You that cries for truth, accountability, and discovery in the moments when you can’t see straight about your life. Anna is the source of so many tools, resources, and authenticity that have given me access to actually living a life a I love, instead of spending that time spinning in circles about why I can’t do anything differently.  By sharing my life with Anna, I have come to know myself as the source of anything I need and care about, with a little bit of sparkle mixed in, just for kicks.”

- Alexandra Zambrano, Chemical Engineer, ExxonMobil


James Ward“Anna K is an energizing, captivating speaker that shares easy-toimplement tools to bring play into the everyday. She took our bi-monthly sales meeting of 100+ real estate professionals and had them playfully preparing their 2016 through visualization and planning exercises. Her genuine thoughtfulness, approachability and insight had us all on the edge of our seats and begging for more. The office is still a buzz about her almost a month later. We cannot wait to have her back!”

-James Ward, Director of Career Development Keller Williams Realty



Joyce Yu“Often when contemplating a pursuit, a fearful voice can show up and tell you the unknown path you are craving is not safe. This happened to me. Upon a conversation with Anna, she heard my out-of-alignment decisions, and she also felt goosebumps when I spoke my personal truth. Then Anna did the most valuable thing that no one else in my life was doing: she called BS on my story, and straight-up re-clarified what I should really be doing based off my own words. I was taken aback at first, but the second feeling was liberation. Someone got me out of my own way. In retrospect, that conversation with Anna was pivotal time/painsaver. I appreciated her intuitive insight and guidance towards offering some new approaches towards the ideas I really wanted to pursue. It’s an invaluable lesson that comes once in a blue moon from someone very special like Anna.”

- Joyce Yu, Founder, Visually Outspoken


Terra Bohlman

“Anna K. Morris lights up the room with her sparkle! She has a playful approach that engages people as she speaks. Her ability to authentically connect with the audience in a way that is fun and thought provoking is a gift to the world.”

-Terra Bohlmann, Business Strategist @ TerraBohlmann.com + Executive
Managing Director, eWomenNetwork (Houston Chapter)




Jenna Sneed“Anna has a gift for sifting through one’s stories, asking high mileage questions, and offering succinct feedback that helps one peer into the heart of their matter(s). By blending fierce honesty and humor, Anna serves as a catalyst in one’s journey to truth – regardless of what area in life the truth is hidden – while having a lot of laughs along the way!”

- Jenna J Sneed, MPH, PhD Candidate, Career Development Specialist, Organizational Development
Texas Children’s Hospital




” Anna is a very energetic speaker! I have enjoyed working with her and within a very short time frame, she was able to create a deep and meaningful experience, using the power of her stories to inspire everyone present. She is extremely creative, caring, fun and inspirational!”

- Mandar Apte, International Director, Art of Living Foundation




Leslie Green“I was one, like many, who did not think play had a place in the life of a ‘grown-up.’ The older I got, the less I thought of play at all…until I met Anna. After spending a very short time with Anna, her passion for play was infectious! Her words and attitude toward play had me not only stop and take notice, but actually made me want to incorporate play into my daily life. What I found was that as soon as I switched my mindset about play and its place in my life, the freer I began to feel. Thank you Anna, for helping me feel free!”

- Leslie Green, Radio Show Host, Speaker & Coach PixieDustRadio.com, Author of Love, Trust & Pixie Dust
Founder/Writer at www.trustlifetoday.com


Michelle Peavy

“Anna is a consummate professional playmaker. When I first met her I admired her energy of a fun playful attitude, where she opened up herself to her community to discover that I myself was not playing in all areas of my life. I was then introduced to the WE PLAY EVERYWHERE company, where people just like me, wanting to find new ways to release, forget the stresses of their daily life and to just simply PLAY EVERYWHERE. Anna is a rainmaker, who leads by example and jumps out continuously creating new opportunities for herself and others. Her demeanor, language, attitude and desire scores high points in my book.”

- Michelle Peavy, www.michellepeavy.com


Kim Syma
“Anna K. is a connector in the truest sense of the word. She helps people connect more to play in their lives as well as connecting people to those around them. Furthermore, she helps me connect with what it is I’m really after in my own life. Anna’s candid conversations always leave me feeling clear, empowered, and re-committed to myself.”

-Kim Syma, Owner, Revolution Studio



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