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Read to find out why…it may surprise you.

Quick disclaimer: This blog (and I hope it becomes an article somewhere) is about WAY MORE than a spin studio. It’s about supporting local businesses, taking pride in where YOU live and how YOU spend your energy (and your hard-earned money and time are your energy). And it’s about supporting damn hard-working, kick-ass people.   There is the saying, “What goes around comes around.” You never know when you’re gonna have your ass on the line and need people to go to bat for you. Read on. Here’s me, putting my ass on the line for something I believe in.

I’m nervous writing this. But not nervous in the “I’m nervous because I’m afraid I’m going to fuck up and look bad” way. I’m nervous in the “I’m fired up and have a lot to say, and my fingers aren’t typing fast enough” way. You know the difference.


Soul Cycle is coming to Houston.

Across the street from my friend’s, Kim & Mitch Syma’s, indoor cycling studio.




I literally mean across the street. Like you can look out the window of either location and see the other one.

That’s fine. The location isn’t the part that fires me up; it only makes for a slightly more dramatic story. What really fires me up is that large franchises come in to cities all the time, and small businesses suffer.

That’s why I’m lit up and writing to you.

Here’s the story as I know it (I apologize if I’m slightly off on the story Kim and Mitch, but I know I’m pretty close).

Years ago on an island far far away called Man-hat-tan, there was a girl who wasn’t very happy….and she was cold (it was winter)….and she had gained some weight (approximately 25 lbs)….and her boyfriend hadn’t proposed, he’d dumped her instead….so she had to find a new apartment.

Life was not good for her.

She went to an indoor cycling studio one day. And then a yoga class. And then a dance class.

Everything in her world changed.

She cried, she laughed, she sweated, she danced. She thought she couldn’t make it, but she did. And she went to class everyday.

Soon she wasn’t so sad. She lost the weight, and started laughing again. She found a passion inside of her that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

She wanted more. In a big way.

You see…this girl doesn’t do anything small.

Most people would be satisfied becoming a spin instructor, or perhaps a personal trainer, or a yoga teacher.

Not Kim Syma.

She wanted to bring the things that had changed her life to her hometown…Houston.

She wanted to share.

She wanted to make a difference for people. In a big way.

So what did she do?

She went and got her MBA at the University of Texas.

Seriously. She got a damn MBA to be prepared to open REVOLUTION STUDIO.

And when her professor said to her face in class, “You are never going to succeed at opening an indoor cycling studio. There is no way it can work.” She said, “Bless your heart.”


And did it anyway.


Oh, I forgot to mention…she picked up an extraordinary man along the way who became her husband, Mitch Syma. Mitch was of course attracted to her (she’s gorgeous), but more conveniently he was very interested in her business plan to open REVOLUTION. He was so interested that after they started dating, he went to visit NYC and take all the classes she loved.

I’d like to add that Mitch had recently landed his dream job in Marketing for Minute Maid. He had finally “made it” when he experienced all the classes that had changed Kim’s life (and many more).

He walked out of those classes and told Kim, “You don’t have to do this alone. I’m in.”





Let’s fast forward….

It’s a little more than three years later, and they have three locations. They have added yoga to all locations because they saw that it was missing for their members (or riders as they are called).

Now I don’t know what I’m supposed to share or not because I didn’t consult with Kim or Mitch before publishing this, but I’m going to tell you a few things you should consider.

They have put everything into REVOLUTION STUDIO.

This is what I mean…they have YET to be paid from the studios.

They would like to start a family…but they haven’t yet because they are committed to the REVOLUTION riders and providing what they need. Instead they put growing their family on hold and opened a 3rd location. And then they expanded yoga into all locations. No small feat.

I have watched them work when my husband, Derek Morris, and I were begging them to come play with us.

I have seen Kim fall asleep at a restaurant because she is too exhausted to stay awake.

I have seen them office out of their home with employees working from their garage apartment at all hours of the day and weekends.

I have watched some employees and spin instructors quit after they invested huge amounts of time and money into their training…and Kim & Mitch stay friends with them and wish them well.

I have seen them fight, and I have seen them make-up.

I have seen them NEVER QUIT.




Even when it would have been WAY EASIER to quit.

So that’s why I’m not going to Soul Cycle. The company recently went public, and I heard the owners were paid $90 million each. I think that’s super awesome and totally inspiring as an entrepreneur….BUT I don’t know their names, or their stories, and they don’t know mine either.

Here’s the bottom line, we live in an incredible city full of small businesses that were born from people’s hearts to contribute to HOUSTON.

They took a chance on us.

And we won’t continue to have these options if we don’t “PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS.”

REVOLUTION STUDIO has led the spin craze in Houston, along with other AMAZING local spin studios like DEFINE, RIDE & RYDE.

I know each and every one of these owners (Henry Richardson, Taryn Woods Burt and Ashley Gooch), and they all put their asses on the line so that we could have something available to us that without them wouldn’t be possible.

The sweat, the hustle, the swagger, the community.

That badass feeling you get when you’re on a bike, but you feel like you’re at a club.

That feeling that…






They brought it to us when no one else did.

Spend your money there.

Spend your money supporting people’s dreams. Their blood, their sweat, their tears, their sacrifices, their doubts, their triumphs.

Cuz don’t you want someone to support YOU like that?

Drop the mic.

Shake Things up

Get moving. Shake things up. Go a different way. Get on a plane. Escape. Explore. Be quiet. Be loud. Do things differently. Say yes. Say no.

Do the unexpected.

Any of these terms could be used to describe my latest adventure to England. There are fun stories to tell, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing them with you all over time, but for now I’m keeping it short and sweet…and (as I always intend) helpful to YOU in YOUR life.

I said yes.

When Derek asked me to come on a business trip with him to England the normal reasons that I would say no weren’t there. Not because they weren’t there, but because there was a bigger commitment behind my reasons.

I was stuck.

I was bored.

I was uninspired.


And honestly, I was feeling a bit lost.

(Ask yourself where you are feeling this in your life.)


So when he asked, my normal reasons didn’t hold up. And let me be clear, it’s not that I typically say no to travel invitations…quite the opposite! It’s only that the past few times they haven’t worked out for a variety of reasons. Truth is, they haven’t worked out because I didn’t need to go bad enough.

Which brings me to my point.

When I’m stuck, it’s not real. I’m actually never stuck, and neither are you. That’s silly old fear pretending to make me stuck.

When I’m uninspired, that’s not true. I’m not enjoying what I’m doing, and I need to make a change…but that doesn’t mean I’m uninspired.

Or lost, one of my favorites. I’m lost.

That’s ridiculous!

And it doesn’t mean anything! Lost from what? Really, what exactly can I be lost from?

And the last one…bored.

When I’m bored, I’m actually bored with myself. I don’t find myself interesting, and therefore how could I find anyone else interesting? Damn, it’s no fun to see this, but it will save you (and me).

Here’s the truth.

It’s all fear in disguise.

Fear loves to be in disguise.

My favorite disguise for fear is DRAMA.

Man, do I love me some drama! Figure out a way to make something dramatic, and I’ll do it. I don’t even have to think about it, it’s there. I have been noticing it a lot in myself, and as a result have been hearing it in other people’s stories. It’s a fun game to play:) 

(Notice where you make things dramatic in your life.)

But now what? What do you do with all of this?

When I feel stuck (or anything I’ve listed above), this is what I do: I move and I move differently. Sometimes yes, it means getting on a plane, but it doesn’t have to. Let me explain…

It could mean taking a different route on my morning walk. Or allowing myself to get a little lost while I’m driving. Or calling a friend just because. Or doing anything for the sheer love of it.

Yesterday I was taking it really easy because I was getting over a stomach bug. I found myself sitting on the sofa at 7pm with nothing to do, and this of course made me uneasy. So I thought, “What would I do tonight because I wanted to?” Watch a movie is almost always my answer. I would watch and critique movies all day and night if you let me.

So I did! I watched Sicario, and Derek and I went to bed (yes, very early, but he was tired and not that interested). I was able to watch it and take tons of breaks to think about the cinematography, or the music, or rewind it when I didn’t quite follow the plot. I didn’t have to answer to anyone, I got to do it exactly the way I wanted to!


And that’s what I mean. Give yourself permission to do something different. I never watch movies on a weeknight. It feels way too indulgent, and that’s bullshit.

Shaking things up in my life can happen everyday, not only when I take a trip somewhere. Thinking I need to get on a plane in order to be inspired is only the drama talking….know what I mean?

(What can you do differently today?)

That’s what I have to say about that. I hope it helps you all.


Keep Playing,



P.S.  I’m going to go play fetch with Barney now. Because it’s gorgeous outside and I can.  I even wrote this blog outside…which I never do.  Somewhere along the way I decided that being serious is the only way to be successful. I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about that, thank goodness.



easy peasy


It’s Easy.

For real.

It really can be easy.

Huh? Do I actually mean that everything can be easy? Yup, that’s exactly what I mean. If it’s hard, then you are probably the one making it hard.

This is exactly what I would say to a friend, coach to a client, share with a stranger in line at Starbucks…but I haven’t been taking my own advice.

From the beginning, We Play Everywhere, has felt off. Nothing awful, just one of those “can’t put my finger on it, something doesn’t quite feel right, I think I need a different size” off.

But it wasn’t worth breaking up over. Know what I mean?

I can remember the very beginning when I was trying to name this idea, this thing that kept showing up and screamed at me all the time, “I wanna play! With everyone! Everywhere!”.

We Play Everywhere fully expressed ME and how I wanted to live MY life and help other people live their lives. But because I have always been a connector and loved creating communities… when I met with professionals to discuss my idea, they said it sounded like a membership community.

So I went with it. After all, I was talking to some of the best and smartest people in the start-up world so I figured they would know more than me.

A membership community, cool.

Here’s the thing, it’s always felt kinda hard. It felt a little like pushing a boulder…up a hill…alone. There were moments when friends would come along and help, we got pretty far and it was much easier…but then there were times when I was all alone with no movement…just trying to hold it together and not get demolished.

Which leads me to this post.

 It doesn’t have to be that hard. And where are you making it hard?

(Start listening for yourself in my story please)

My sweet husband, Derek, says, “You can’t see the forest through the trees.”

Man, was he right. I’ve been way to close to We Play Everywhere and totally in my own way.

What I hadn’t been able to see is that the actual business is, ME.

It’s not a paid membership of people wanting to play more in life (although it was for 14 months and that was fun), it’s me, Anna K. Morris, leading the way….playing through life and helping others to do the same.

I wrote a post last week entitled, “It ain’t what they call you; it’s what you answer to.”

I can see that I’ve been answering to…“I’m not enough AND business is hard.”

And it has been.

Because I’m not enough, I’ve had to create a business other than Anna K. Morris, and it’s felt like hard work. I came up with a clever name, We Play Everywhere, and insisted that it was a membership community so it wouldn’t be me alone….because remember? “I’m not enough AND business is hard.”

We did everything from pop-up yoga DJ happy hours, to grown up recess, to weekly play dates, to collaborating with local businesses, to working with national businesses, to doing our own events, to scheduled coaching videos, to impromptu coaching videos, to expert interviews, to hiring business coaches, to taking out a loan, to writing new business plans….you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

And you know what? None of it felt great because it was built on my foundation and belief system that said, “I’m not enough AND business is hard.”

This begs the questions, where do things feel easy?

I’ll answer, but I want you to start thinking in your own life too.

This stuff feels EASY, like I could do it in my sleep:

  1. Telling people the truth so they stop telling their ridiculous stories and get on with living their most authentic, lit-up life. This is what “We Play Everywhere” really means. Some people call it coaching, I call it Straight Talk. It must be a gene I got it from my grandmother, Helen Georgia, who was the best at it.
  2. Speaking in front of large audiences. Getting them engaged and taking new actions in life. Having them consider a new perspective and engaging with their peers in new, authentic ways
  3. Writing! I love it. Every piece of it. Even when no words are flowing, and all I see is a blank screen. I love figuring out a way to make the words flow. And I especially love editing. Mmmmmm-hhhmmmmmm. Yes.
  4. Yoga. Teaching it, taking it, talking about it. I’m not so interested in the history of it, but the practicality and everyday-ness of it.
  5. Meditation. Doing it, guiding it, creating it in unexpected ways for people who don’t think it makes any difference. I like proving them wrong. And mostly I LOVE the benefits of meditation.
  6. Creating workshops or play dates for communities. I’ve created a lot of them from scratch, and I realize that my favorite events were for communities that already existed and wanted me to come in and shake things up. I’m excellent at shaking things up.

My dear friend Liz Dederer says this, “Money is evidence.”

Well then, let’s talk money. I’ve made the most money through private coaching, and memberships for my monthly events.

That’s the truth, in black and white numbers.

 What about you? Where have you made the most money?

When I made the most money of my life was my first couple of years in pharmaceutical sales. I “got” the MD’s who are “un-gettable,” the ones who wouldn’t see reps at all and banned us from their offices. They were my specialty. I loved the challenge. I didn’t have the best drug on the market (they were all good), but I was the most positive and consistent rep around. I listened AND I cared. I listened to their concerns, stories, problems, and I told them the truth.

I told them that their staff was terribly rude to patients and they would go out of business running things that way. I told them that spending more time with patients would go a lot further than ordering more tests. I told them they should retire/quit because they were working themselves down into the ground. You see, I didn’t care what they thought of me; I cared more that they knew the truth. No one is too important to hear when something isn’t working. And a lot of us don’t straight talk people, especially not very successful doctors in Manhattan.

That’s why I made a bunch of money.

I was in my sweet spot.

Do you know your sweet spot? Where time slips away? Write it down.

 Let’s wrap this blog up. Last, but absolutely not least…the thing I’ve been dying to share with all of you (but a little nervous to make it official).

I’m launching myself as a brand in the upcoming weeks! A new website is being developed right now under my name, Anna K. Morris.

I will continue to own and operate We Play Everywhere, as it embodies my mission for my life and everyone around me.

You will be able to book me for Straight Talk sessions, private workshops and public speaking gigs. All details will be on the new website.


I’m launching Straight Talk with Anna K. next Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 17th and 18th. Sessions are $88 for 30 minutes. A quick questionnaire allows me to know your topic, your question(s) and any pertinent background information. I get in, and I get out. You get on with your life more alive and free!


 Anyone who works with me will have the opportunity to join the private Facebook community for support and connection with other like-minded people.   Easy peezy.

I’m committed to living a life of ease.  I bet you like the sound of that, don’t you?

Let’s have life be easy.  If you’re inspired to share, please do in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more easy updates, and as always thank for reading.


Keep Playing,

Anna (Banana)






Did you know that I’ve always loved writing? Probably not because I haven’t been writing to you in a long time.  Videos have been fun, but I will be giving you a different “flava” today.


I can remember journaling at 8 years old when we were traveling as a family through Europe. Sure it was my teacher’s assignment to me since I was missing school, but I remember loving every moment.


As I grew up and the work increased and the deadlines got shorter, writing became not fun. It was this thing to get through, and quickly. I remember writing under a deadline for my college newspaper and thinking, “Nope! This is not the kind of writing that I like to do. I hate this!”. Which was pretty inconvenient for a girl studying Journalism in her senior year of college.


It was during one of my Journalism classes that it hit me…I am not a journalist (also inconvenient when I was majoring in journalism). I remember the teacher, an award winning journalist for the Associated Press, saying that you have to want the truth more than anything. You have to be willing to fight for it and be objective, and do whatever it takes to get the truth to the people. Oh, and to get the facts straight. Right….facts. Truth, huh.


I thought, “Where’s the fun in that? Aren’t good stories way better with a little whipped cream and a cherry on top? And what is truth anyway? Isn’t it all subjective? Sounds pretty boring to me.” So I stopped writing. I knew I would hate having to write objectively using facts, so I quit.


I graduated from college and went into sales.


Years later I received a comment about myself that I have never forgotten. This person said, “Have you ever read Eat Pray Love? You remind me so much of the author.” And that comment happened 3 times by 3 different people in 2 days. I had read the book, and enjoyed it…but also couldn’t help but cringe as Elizabeth Gilbert so intimately shared about herself and her life. I loved it, and I hated it too. It made me squirm, and then jump for joy. I didn’t know what to make of this comment, and decided ultimately that it was a compliment.


I think these people were referring to my ability to speak so openly about my life and willingly put myself on public display for the sake of healing myself and maybe a few strangers along the way. But there’s still a little more to this story before I get to the point. And there is a point, I promise. Keep reading!


Years later I was thrilled because I finally decided that I was ready to write and wanted to write. I wasn’t attached to what that meant or what it looked like. I just knew that the desire was back and I would be answering it!


I bounded up the stairs to meet my friend (who was an energy healer and shaman), and the minute I saw her I announced that I wanted to write. I was so relieved and excited about what this would look like and desperate to share the news with my friend. What a relief to have my writing mojo back and feel unstoppable! Or so I thought.


She said, “Oh Anna, you aren’t a writer. Other people are writers, but not you. It’s not your natural gift, and it will be really hard for you. A different direction would be much better.”


Pretty rough huh?


That wasn’t the worst part.


The worst part was that I listened. And I didn’t just listen, I believed her. I believed that her opinion was more important than my own. I believed that because she worked in the “spiritual world” she knew more than me.


So I didn’t. I didn’t write that book. I didn’t write that article. I wrote everyday, but I never shared it. Sure, I wrote some blog posts over the years, but not the books I longed to write or the screenplays that played in my dreams.


And that is the point everyone.


What do people say about you that you believe? Or what do you quit, just because you don’t like ONE way that it looks?


No surprise that this inspiration to write came to me while reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest book, “Big Magic.” I have a 9 hour layover at the Atlanta airport and had no idea that my desire to write would be hitting me over the head today. I’ll share with you the exact passage that inspired me to write to you.


Here goes: “Let people have their opinions. More than that – let people be in love with their opinions, just as you and I are in love with ours. But never delude yourself into believing that you require someone else’s blessing (or even comprehension) in order to make your own creative work. And always remember that people’s judgments about you are none of your business. “


She goes on to say this that I swiftly highlighted and dog-eared: “Lastly, remember that W. C. Fields had to say on this point:   ‘It ain’t what they call you; it’s what you answer to.’ Actually don’t even bother answering. Just keep doing your thing.”


With that, all hail to Elizabeth Gilbert for once again inspiring this girl to write again. I won’t be quitting this time. I am a writer.


What do people say about you that YOU can give up!  Haven’t you had enough already?!



 You’ve heard it before…”Be you! Everyone else is taken!”  And it can still be hard to be your true self.

Recommendation:  Stop pretending.  Notice where you lie to yourself and others.  You may not do anything different, but noticing where you hide out and don’t tell the truth (your truth) is a great first step.


What a great reminder that doors close and open for you to help you move towards your true alignment.

Recommendation:  Take inventory of where you think a door has closed, and what opened up instead.  Use that as a reminder that the Universe has your back!